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"A story of a Little Bunny Who Made Friends and Brought Joy to Everyone"


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Animated Book Video Trailer: A True Story Of Tiny Timm

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About Beverlee

Beverlee was raised on a small farm in Washington where she cared for the family pigs, chickens, and the pet cow. It bothered her that Molly and Dolly felt depressed during the heavy rains, and Lady felt sad when she was separated from her herd. Realizing that animals feel emotions like humans do, she vowed she'd do something with her life to ...


From small screen to big-time activism, advocate shares passion for animals

Anne Kallas Contributor for the Ventura County Star

Published 9:30 AM PT, June 18, 2016

Wild Animal Advocate Beverlee McGrath
Published 7:09 AM PT, August 25, 2016
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Praises for Beverlee's Book

Five stars.png

Excellent book!

"It will inspire you to bring loving kindness into the world despite the obstacles you might be going through. This beautiful story shows us that we all have something to give to others, and in giving we experience much joy."

By Bonnie Westmark 

Five stars.png

A fantastic read for all ages!

"Beverlee McGrath has done a great job! Everyone will enjoy this book, young and old. She cares so much for all of the animals she has and it shows in her story. Well done!"

By Carole Humphrey

Five stars.png

Awesome story with good morals.

"McGrath has taken a very real world story about an animal she cared for and turned it into an inspiring story for all ages."

By Tyler Humphrey

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