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Image by Dillon Fancher

Beverlee McGrath


Beverlee was raised on a small farm in Washington where she cared for the family pigs, chickens, and the pet cow. It bothered her that Molly and Dolly felt depressed during the heavy rains, and Lady felt sad when she was separated from her herd. Realizing that animals feel emotions like humans do, she vowed she'd do something with her life to help animals. Beverlee had a successful career working as a lobbyist for national animal organizations and changing laws to better protect animals. She currently lives on a large strawberry ranch and operates Crops and Critters, an animal rescue facility where tours are held for school children."I noticed that children with special needs would stand away from their group and gravitate to the special needs animals like Tiny Timm. This book is for them."

On CA and NV, McGrath efforts legislatively have included:

An ordinance re puppy mills, banning dog fighting, ID on traps set by trappers, prohibiting the sale of live animals at swap meets, prohibiting horse tripping, allowing dogs and cats to be adopted upon release from testing facilities, founding the statewide ‘cross-reporting‘ program in domestic violence and animal abuse cases – besides other issues.

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